Write Up Another GDPR email

From: "Write Up" <emailfromteresa@PROTECTED>
Subject: Write Up Another GDPR email
Date: May 26th 2018


You may have heard of the European Union's (EU) new regulation regarding privacy of personal data (known as the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR) and noticed that many sites are updating their privacy policies.

I've done the same by clarifying my Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions on my website. Please note before clicking my links that I do utilize Google Analytics to analyze my traffic.

So, here's the big question I need everyone to answer:

Do you want to stay on my subscriber list?

If so, please click the manage my subscription button below to confirm your Write Up! status!


Due to the new GDPR regulations, I must prove I have permission to contact everyone on my list. If you do not confirm your subscription via the "manage my subscription" button below, I will have to remove you from my Write Up! list and this is the last email you will receive from me. 😢

I promise, I won't be offended or take it personally if you want to unsubscribe. Just so you know, your privacy is important to me and I will NEVER sell, rent, or share your data with third parties outside of my privately-hosted data processors. The only information I keep is your first and last name, email address, whether you prefer Kindle or paperback delivery of my books, and the country where you reside. I also only ask directly for your last name and mailing address when you’ve made a paperback purchase or IF you’ve won a physical item in a giveaway. Once I mail the item, I immediately delete that information.


If you don't want to stay on my list, all ntroductiyou have to do is scroll down to the bottom of this email and hit UNSUBSCRIBE.

If you are staying with me, thank you!
I'm so grateful for all of my readers.

E-mail subscribers who reside in the EEC are aware of the GDPR regulation as of May 25, 2018.

Subscribers elsewhere in the world may be wondering - What does it mean?

GDPR is meant to ensure any information that a website collects about you is maintaned in a safe and protected environment and you have the right to have that information removed.

So what information do I keep on you?

Your name (first & last), your email (obviously), how you read your books (Kindle, Paperback or both), where you live in the world (USA, Canada, Rest of the World) and obviously your consent to subscribe to the list.

So what information do I have from you?  Your First name :, Your Last name: , How you like to read your books : none, Where you live (USA, Canada, The rest of the world : USA,  I just need your permission to send you emails.

Q: I bought a signed book through your web site. What other info do you have on me?

A: Your credit card processing info is handled by Stripe - I do not keep any details on the web site. I do have your mailing address (so we can send your purchase to you).

Q:  What about cookies?

A: I do use Google Analytics to see what you like to read on my author web site but that information in anonymized by Google Analytics.

Q:  I don't like this. What should I do?

A:  I'll be sad to see you go but you can unsubscribe (see the big button at the bottom of this email). If you email me, I'll make sure to remove any data I have on you. If you stay .... YEA!  You'll get the scoop on author appearances and book signings, preview new releases and be the first to find out about "The UnMatchables" international thriller book launch.

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