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Date: May 22nd 2017

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Welcome to the latest edition of my author newsletter Write-Up.Teresa facing left

In time, with tilled creative ground work, plenty of idea fertilizer, careful weeding, and the right marketing mix, the experiment might take root and return as a seasoned perennial series.  Or, sadly, despite all our love and care, it could fail to flourish. We’ll try again next year or move on, take a different path, choose another genre.

My New Life in Love romance trilogy garden of perennials continues to bloom. The “Love Unlikely” novella paperback graft on “Tales from Heartland’s” three short stories will release with a new fourth tale this summer.

My experiment in romantic suspense got underway when the ground was still frozen last winter. I’ll share more on “The UnMatchables” as the characters and story grow.

I’d love to know more about you.

So authors - what genres are planted in your writers’ garden?

Readers – what titles are front of garden on your summer reading list?

I just finished Nora Roberts’ “The Obsession” and am moving on to “Windy City Knights.” I’m always up for recommendations. Let’s share the harvests from our book shelves!


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